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API info

Some basic info on the API for developers. This is a full API that the web interfaces uses directly.

For an example app, look through the Web app's Javascript:script.coffee

By default, request will respond in HTML. Set output=json for JSON output.

You must use OAuth to communicate with app.


All requests related to a news article.


Requests a new article. GET automatically removes the article from the user's article list.

Remember that this is not idempotent!


Modify an article. This is used primarily for marking articles as read.


All requests related to feeds.


Get info on a feed. Basic stuff like last update, title, url, etc.


Madify a feed. Primarily used for subscribing and unsubscribing to feeds.


Requests related to users.


Get info on user such as user name, subscribed feeds, article list, etc.


Change info on user.